Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Welcome, Baby Lilly Grace Hadley!!

Can it possibly have been two months since my last post? I can't believe that on the 17th, Lilly will be two months old.  She has already outgrown all of her cute little newborn onesies!  At six days old, we made the whirlwind trip of over 3,000 miles to visit grandparents and family, and the rest of the time, we've been trying to balance being outnumbered by the kids.  

A friend of mine had her third child a little over a year ago, and she recently told me that having three kids was a lot of work, but that she felt more like a family now than she ever had before.  I can agree with her.  Watching Jessie and Holly grow and change and love their new baby has been absolutely amazing, and 
on days when I'm pulling my hair out, holding Lilly can still make me smile.  

Adjusting to the no-sleep club is one of those things I must have blocked from my memory of the last two girls' newborn days.  Kevin has been quite the stellar husband.  Even though I'm busy with the girls at home, there have been more days than I'd like to admit that he went off to work an hour or two before I got up on less sleep than I had.  He has been the epitome of selflessness, even on days when I've lost my mind (just a little bit.)

I love my family!!

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