Wednesday, November 16, 2011


The stuff I make that usually turns out best is simple stuff that I don’t use a pattern to create.  The things I make with a pattern usually turn out fine, but things I make on my own give me a lot more satisfaction (and I think they end up looking just as good, too!)  Sometimes I feel like I have a better “eye” when I’m sewing for my own kids without a pattern.  I tend to rely on my own perception of what would look best and how it would fit better if taken in a little here or with a little length added there.  If I’m using a pattern, I tend to default to the pattern maker’s judgment, and I guess those little “rules” get me all tied up.  Recently, I pieced together some fleece scraps into a rectangle and made a skirt for my daughter out of it.  I put a yoga style band on the top and a length of fleece on the bottom to bind the hem.  It was super easy and cute, to boot!  It’s one of her favorites this fall (and hey, I got to use up some of those scraps, too!) 

I made the skirt f rom fleece scraps, and the leggings are from t-shirt knit.
(The top, hat, and boots are purchased! :)
See what kinds of simple things you can make without a pattern, even if you’ve never tried it before.  Pay attention to things that you’d like to try to replicate.  You may find it immensely freeing!  And you may find with your freedom from the pattern that your creativity starts to flow.  You might just have to make yourself a “good idea fairy” tutu. :o)

Some good sources for inspiration for me are and  I’ve discovered lots of other blogs and tutorials just by browsing pinterest (watch out . . . it’s addicting!)  You can check out my ever increasing sewing board, and also follow others I've pinned.  They also have great sewing ideas / inspiration.  

I also downloaded The Handmade Maketplace by Kari Chapin last night.  It’s a good read so far, and she includes a great listing of people whom she dubs “The Creative Collective.”  This listing of crafters / bloggers / artisans is another great resource you can browse for inspiration.  In addition to inspiration, this book is for people interested in selling their crafts, but more on that in the future.  Look for an upcoming book review when I finish it!

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