Saturday, November 19, 2011

Crafting Inspiration

Ok, so this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but we were OBE (overcome by events).  Three to be exact - Jessie, Holly, and Lilly.  But the pizza and movie night turned out to be a great idea, AND I got a great picture of Kevin sleeping while holding the girls.

So I posed Lilly, but he was pretty out of it.  I guess Toy Story 2 wasn't a riveting choice.  But without further delay, here's the belated post:

Let’s face it.  Creative inspiration doesn’t always well up within us.  Little things creep in

like unexpected messes upstairs while you're vacuuming downstairs

yes, that's baby powder all over the bathroom . . .

and sometimes big ones do, too, (laundry is always a big thing)
this WAS neatly folded laundry until someone decided to dig for her favorite p.j.'s
and if we’re not careful, that fountain of creativity and productivity dries up.  Whether that has happened or not, it can.  For me, the trick is to prevent it from happening, and when it inevitably does, to get back on track as soon as possible.

First, I have to be proactive.  What inspires me?  Always pay attention to what catches your interest throughout an ordinary (whatever that is) day.  Just driving back after dropping my kids off for school yesterday, I was in awe of the autumn colors against a grey sky.  The beauty was inspiring and gave me a lot of cool ideas for using those colors to design some children’s outfits.  Taking a mental note is one thing, but to be proactive, I’ll need to make sure I don’t lose it for later.  We’re about out of the fall season, and I probably won’t use these colors as much until next year.  The tool I chose to use to track my inspiration was my board for design.  I searched through a bunch of pins that night and chose several that fit the mood I was in on that drive.  Maybe if I’m in a slump next fall, something that I saved will be my muse for something new.

Second, what are the things that rob you of inspiration?  Don’t be afraid to admit it.  It may be something you love!  I love love love my family, but honestly, doing family right is a lot of work, and we all know it.  Getting tired and stressed out absolutely kills my creative streak.  But this goes back to being proactive.  Once you’ve identified the thief, try and figure out ways to mitigate that.  So I can’t get rid of my family (nor would I want to), but I can change the way I see things.  Ah, the good ol’ paradigm shifts.  So instead of focusing on how much effort I’ve been putting in and how tired I am (poor, pitiful me!), I take a step back, sit down with my kids and play a game, go to the park, or just be plain silly.  When I focus on them and not me, they can BE my inspiration rather than the felons who murdered it! 

Another thief I have is fear.  More than stress or self-pity, fear keeps me from pursuing something that I’m inspired to create.  Sometimes I’m scared to try something that I don’t think will work out, will cost too much, will take to long . . . the list of excuses goes on!  It’s not so much of a problem with a lack of inspiration as it is with nipping the inspiration in the bud.  This will probably reveal how wimpy I am.  The best way to overcome that hurdle for me is to talk to someone about it.  They usually point out how silly I am being, and then I have enough guts to get on with it.

Speaking of getting on with it, enough rambling from me for one day – tonight is family movie night!  Now THAT (and a husband bringing home two large pizzas) is INSPIRING.

*For God has not given us a spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and of a sound mind.  II Timothy 1:7*

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