Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sew Excited!


is the wonderful, trusty, $40.00 Singer sewing machine that I have been using to make all these wonderful little outfits.  I have to say that, other than a tricky buttonhole function and a slightly sluggish reverse stitch (probably more the operator than the machine. . .), it has been a real workhorse.  I'm sure it was more than $40.00 new, but I bought it used from an elderly woman who had to give up quilting on it because of her failing eyesight.  I hope she would be happy to know how much fun I've had with it and how I used it to start my home sewing business.  This is an absolutely solid machine.  I'm pretty attached to it.  Hey, we've spent a lot of hours together!

I was debating purchasing a serger, but after reading all the reviews, I decided against it.  It was a tough choice, but most of the things I'm making now don't really require a serger to finish them professionally.  I can line things or finish my hems a number of other ways that look as good and actually feel softer than a serger would do.  I know a lot of people probably disagree with me here.  That's fine.

I read a few reviews for a handy little attachment for a Brother sewing machine, and it sparked my interest.   Could I get by without a serger?  Here's what I found on

Brother SA177 Side Cutter 7mm

One reviewer states:

I am so glad I got this little attachment. It was very easy to attach and use on my Brother 6000I. Thread the needle first, install the attachment, line up the material edge, and watch it trim and make a nice edge all at the some time, amazing! A friend tried using her serger with terrible results to finish the edge of a thin lacy material I had, I got this attachment and it worked great, made a nice finished edge! I used it on some sheer material for curtains, also great finished seams which is especially important with the sunlight coming through the material. At this time I don't see needing a serger machine since I have this handy tool.

Another one that was pretty convincing:

No, this doesn't replace a serger. However, it's a very affordable alternative. I also own a serger, but sometimes I don't feel like monkeying around with all the threading involved. I attach the side cutter and away I go!


I think it works very well for what I wanted. This little side cutter is great for quicker serging projects in that you already have your machine threaded with the proper color of thread from having been sewing, and you can serge with that same one thread and bobbin just by snapping on the attachment. I have a full serger machine but for many projects it seems like such a hassle to get 4 matching threads, thread each of them through the machine, manipulate the tension - - - when all I have to do with this is use the same one thread spool I have already been sewing with, snap on the attachment and keep going. When done, snap on a new foot and keep sewing. The two things to remember are to thread your needle before putting the attachment on, and to cut a small slit in the fabric to give it a place to start. That's it. Yes, I am happy with my purchase. I'll still use my serger on heavy projects, but this definitely is a helper and will get used a lot. I purchased it from Amazon knowing they support quality merchandise, and I received it in just a matter of days!

I haven't ordered the side cutter yet, but I will soon.  Oh, I failed to mention - it's $31.99 on Amazon and ships free with Super Saver Shipping.  The serger I was looking at is over $300.00!  Having read all that, you're probably wondering why on earth I want a Brother attachment for my Singer.  

Well, I bought a Brother.
*Insert a squeal of excitement here.*

Check THIS out:

Yes, that's right.  My wonderful husband let me buy this for Mother's Day.  My sister said it looks pretty space age.  Compared to my old machine (which still works and I will NOT part with), I'd have to agree with her.

get this:

YES.  It embroiders.  Appliques and monograms, here I come!  My mind is racing with all the cute things I can make on this amazing machine.  I've used it a little.  I embroidered Holly's name on a pair of old sweat pants to jazz them up, and I made my sister a Nook envelope with her name on it.  But I haven't had a lot of time to put it through its paces, though.  Judging by the number of things it can do, it may actually take me a year or two just to use all of the stitches.

I can't wait to start the Weedhoppers Fall and Winter clothing line samples.  The possibilities are endless, and when those run out, I can actually download embroidery images from my computer to the machine.  Hot dog.  Now the task is to organize all these crazy ideas and figure out which ones I actually have time to complete!

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