Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Catching Up

"Out with the Old" should have been titled "Out with Blogging."  What on earth has been happening for the last six months?  

January, February, and March were for sewing.

In March, I did a couple of vendor booths at consignment sales and gained some local visibility on my shop.

And in April and May, I finished up my local orders. 

These pillowcase dress cuties were for two four-year-old twins and a one-year-old!

These two Spring outfits were for a sweet 18-month-old.

The first is an Easter dress jumper for a friend's five-year-old daughter (I LOVE the fabric she found on Etsy), and the second is my five-year-old daughter's Easter dress.

I drafted a pattern for this top / dress by looking at a top that a friend found at an online auction.  It was the first time I'd tried to make my own pattern, and it went pretty well.  I think I would add more fullness for the "skirt" part next time, though.  The back closes with a single button.  I think this picture was taken before I hemmed it, too, so it's a little longer here than it was finished.

The girls got coordinating outfits for picture day!  This is Lilly's.  The other girls will follow when I get their pictures in.  We took Lilly's when we got home, but the girls had to stay at school.  Can't wait to see how the official photos turned out, although Lilly was confused and not very amused with the photographer, so I'm sure her expression will be interesting!

I still have a few things to stitch up and post to my shop on Etsy, and along with that comes designing and making the samples for my Fall and Winter 2012/2013 line.  I have some great ambitions, but judging how quickly the last six months went by and how hard it was keep up with my family and still complete sewing orders, I will probably have to scale it back some.  I'm still really excited to get started.  I'm thinking jewel tones and whimsey for Fall, and soft pastels for Winter.  You can check out my inspiration on my Fall / Winter 2012 board on Pinterest.  I have to admit, it's a little hard to think about Fall and Winter clothes when we just got the kiddie pool out yesterday!!  But these styles are super-cute.

More importantly, over the last six months, Lilly started eating solids, sat up, started crawling, eats puffs with her fingers, tries to say "Hi" and "Bye bye" and has learned that sisters can be a blast to play with.

I'm excited to see what the summer holds, and hopefully it will include a few more blog posts with photos of some of these exciting new projects!

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